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  • Carleton Project

    Carleton Virtual, a 3D virtual environment for Carleton University. We demonstrate that 3DVCs can be used as a learning tool
  • Archeological Excavation

    Carleton Virtual, a 3D virtual environment for Carleton University. We demonstrate that 3DVCs can be used as a learning tool by
  • Language Learning

    This project was designed to give students in an Academic ESL class a unique opportunity to practice speaking and collaborating
  • Persephone

    Persephone project is a trail blazing effort to use a virtual environment to offer a course on domestic violence that
  • CSI

    Immersive Crime Scene environment is designed to improve future police officers crime scene observation skills and collaboration skills. Facilitator can
  • Team Building

    Teams are the key resources for accomplishing work in organizations. Recent studies shows 60% of active professionals involved in virtual
  • Corporate Games

    They are fun fun fun! Games are not just for our kids to enjoy, right! Ready to jump around collect
  • Construction Site Safety

    The construction site training environment provides a way to train construction workers in a safe engaging environment.  An instruction can
  • WA Genesis

    WA Genesis is a place where people come to create, learn and interact with each other with the intention to

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